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Meet the Team

Nora (Farghaly) Kahn is the owner of NF Design. Her company provides outsourced marketing services to a variety of businesses, such as universities, nonprofits, law firms, healthcare & more. Located in South Jersey, NF Design serves clients nationally improving the online presence of businesses through search engines (e.g. Google), social media and websites. Nora is skilled in graphic design - creating logos, flyers, brochures & other professional advertising materials.


In her local community in Camden County, Nora was recently honored with a Serving with Excellence Core Value Award. This award is given to an individual who sets high standards, anticipates needs, and exceeds expectations. She is constantly praised for her attention to detail and project management skills with her clients.

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Her Story

Growing up in the 90’s has its perks - growing up with dial-up internet she followed along each advancement in technology & made it her mission to be every social media platform. Digital marketing is near and dear to her heart - Nora started her career volunteering her time to non-profits: Special Olympics, CARES Institute at Rowan SOM. Her passion to help others find the support they need quickly spread to the service sector where she specialized in connecting people to various industries: women’s health, mental health, law firms and more.


With the COVID-19 pandemic, online marketing is more important than ever. People are relying more on the internet to find quality products/services. Nora’s mission is help people connect with businesses to find quality services and support.


Nora was raised in Galloway, NJ close to the Jersey shore. She enjoys trying to keep her plants alive in her home with her dog, Ozzy, and cat, Ollie. In her spare time, Nora enjoys cooking. She is a registered hot vinyasa teacher who encourages her students to focus on embracing the present moment.

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